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Hybrid watch with a hidden two-color touch screen

  • The style of an analog watch with real hands conceals the display visible only when you need it
  • Convex glass Corning ® Gorilla ® and watch aluminum case with a matte finish
  • Stay connected thanks to notifications from phone 1 that are displayed on your device on your wrist; thanks to Garmin Pay  contactless payments, you can pay for purchases wherever you are 2
  • Improve your fitness and well-being with 24/7 health monitoring
  • GPS Connected allows you to track hiking or running 1 ; includes additional built-in activity profiles
  • Battery life: up to 5 days in economy mode and an additional week in watch mode (hands show only the time)

Take care of good style

The vívomove Style watch combines the traditional look of an analog watch with the necessary smart features that you can follow your active life. Its elegant aluminum case and convex Corning Gorilla glass create a chic but durable construction. The look of the watch can be adapted to any style thanks to the many attractive colors and straps available in silicone or woven nylon.

Stay in touch

From business meetings to workouts, the vívomove Style watch keeps you connected even when your phone is stored.

Hidden display

The display is only visible when you need it. When using the touch screen, the hands disappear from the watch screen.

Phone notifications

You can receive emails, text messages and alerts directly on your watch connected to a compatible smartphone .

Calendar view

Thanks to the special calendar widget you can easily display your plan for the day.

Enjoy what you see

The watch hands disappear to reveal the hidden screen and move with the graphics. Watch as they change according to the graphics as you approach your daily step goal or increase and decrease according to your heart rate during your activity.

Pay mobile

Make purchases in the blink of an eye with the Garmin Pay 2 service that allows you to make wireless payments.

Better knowledge of your body

This watch has features that allow you to take care of your health around the clock, seven days a week. Estimating blood oxygenation level 3 on the wrist, monitoring body energy through Body Battery  function , and even monthly menstrual cycle monitoring. The vívomove Style watch also monitors stress, sleep, 4 heart rate , hydration and other parameters.


Turn on the GPS function with a compatible smartphone to accurately track hiking and running outdoors. Do you want to try something different? The watch offers activity profiles for yoga, strength exercises, cardio exercises, swimming in the pool and many others.

Change your style

Do you like to change belts as often as you change clothes? ... No problem. The vívomove Style watch is compatible with standard 20 mm straps with a quick disconnect mechanism .

Connect and start

The Garmin Connect application allows you to participate in our thriving community, whose members can connect and compete through challenges on an ongoing basis, support others in pursuing their goals or share their own achievements in social media.

Fitness tracking

Display daily steps, floors climbed, intensive minutes and much more.

Body Battery

It measures your body's energy level so you can find the best time to exercise and rest.

Stress measurement

Measuring stress can determine whether your day is calm, balanced or stressful. Relaxation reminders even tell you to do short breathing exercises.


The wrist heart rate monitor 4 constantly checks your heart rate and informs you when it is high during rest. This helps to assess the intensity of the effort during exercise.

Hydration monitoring

It allows you to record your daily water intake to remind you to provide adequate hydration.

Sleep monitoring

Monitor sleep quality based on shallow, deep sleep and REM sleep times and pulse oximeter data 3 .

Countdown timer and stopwatch

Watch the seconds pass and the hands synchronize with each other when the timer and stopwatch are on.

1 When used in conjunction with a compatible smartphone
2 Display the currently supported country, payment network, and information about supported banks on
3 This is not a medical device and is not intended for use in diagnostics and health monitoring; For details, go to The pulse oximeter is not available in all countries.
Activity tracking accuracy


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